Smart Homes and Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology

Heritage Power is proud to have an ongoing investment into new technology developments.

Imagine opening your eyes in the morning to soothing music as your blinds open gradually to let the light in. Your entire home is heated to a comfortable temperature. As you leave for work, you lock the doors and arm your security system with one button. Personalised to fit your lifestyle, home automation does this and much more. Let us help your home reach its full potential.

We can make your smart home and office dreams a reality by using integrated smart technology.

We are experienced with installations ranging from the basics of installing hardwired CAT 5/6/7 ethernet networking to the home or office, to the more advanced installations systems incorporating Intelligent lighting such as RAKO, multi-room audio visual including home cinema and whole house systems controlled via smart phones and iPads.

  • Ethernet Networking
  • Wireless Sound Systems
  • Televisions and Sky
  • Bespoke Home Cinemas
  • Autonomous Lighting Security/CCTV
  • Automatic Blinds/Cutains
  • All controlled remotely

We Install

working with phillips hueworking with nestworking with sonosworking with rako