Electric Heating Systems, including DEVI

We work with:

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Underfloor Heating Services

As underfloor & ceiling heating specialists - we undertake heating installations and repairs across the South-East for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

We have worked extensively with DEVI, Heatmat, Warmup, and BN Thermic Underfloor Heating technology in and around London carrying out both installation and repairs since 2001.

We understand these systems with a good track record of resolving issues with malfunctioning underfloor heating systems. Recently this knowledge has extended to adapting early systems where direct replacements are no longer available.

We can also provide cost effective alterations and option to all electric heating requirements and are specialised and knowledgeable in installing Rointe electric radiator systems.

We can also install and repair all types of Dimplex or other branded Storage Heaters.

The DEVI servicing issues and repairs we can address for you:

  • System is overworking - gives off too much heat and using too much electricity.
  • Not working at all - often the controls fail or 'lose their memory' after a power cut, this requires either resetting / replacing of the programmer or replacing failed contactors.
  • Sensors incorrectly positioned or not connected and heating is inefficient.
  • Damaged element in floor or ceiling.

Ceiling Heating

Ceiling heating uses low temperature electric heating film installed in the ceiling to provide a natural, comfortable indoor heating warmth at low cost. It is rated at 200watts/m2.

Unlike other systems which heat and circulate air, ceiling heating offers passive heat, radiating down like the sun.

Ceiling heating is suitable for new build and renovation projects, providing an ideal heat source for small rooms and whole house heating.

In the commercial environment it is ideal for heating larger rooms in shops, offices, classrooms and corridors where it provides excellent heat distribution and obstruction-free room layouts.

We have been installing ceiling heating for over 15 years and offer a turn key project where we carry out all associated building works inhouse to save costs.